HRP provides assistance in every stage of building a project. From dream, to process, into reality. We take you as far as you need to go. Whether your need is just preparing the project or finalizing what you already have. We are  dedicated to creating your vision. We focus on advertisement projects, internal videos, and films.



The pre-production stage is the time that we listen to the needs of the client. This involves meeting in person or via phone or video chat. During this time we focus on building and preparing the vision. It's taking an idea and making it tangible!


When the vision is understood, we then have to craft it. This is a combination of creativity, skill, and effort. Depending on the project, production is done differently. Live events are produced differently compared to an interview. A well planned project has a smooth production. 




This is the finalizing stage when everything is put together and the vision is crafted into reality.